Best Canned Food For Survival

Survival kits are the best thing to prepare for any emergency situation. You never know when you might need them. They can be very helpful in the case of disaster, or if you get trapped somewhere for a long time. Rather than be caught unprepared, it’s best if you maintain one for yourself and your family.

Now, the most crucial thing in a survival kit are food items. You need to have them in enough volume for a specific period of time. The best thing about survival food items is that you can store more of them in less space. They are cheaper and can be stored for longer without damage.

In this guide, we will briefly analyze some of the best canned food for survival. Keep a close check on these food items, as they might come handy for you someday.

A brief look at some of the best canned food for survival

Some food items that should be a part of your survival kit are:

Survival Tabs 60-Day 720 Tabs Emergency Food

You don’t know when the problem is going to show up. That’s why it is better to be prepared with a 60-day food kit. This Survival Tabs kit contains 720 tablets that contain 15 essential vitamins and proteins. All you need to do is manage these tablets according to your diet. There are 12 tablets in a serving.

Survival Kit emergency tablets are made from high-quality protein that provide your body with enough energy for a day. These tablets are also gluten-free and come in mixed flavors. The survival kit has a portable design so it can be stored and transported easily, if required.


  • Total tablets: 720
  • Flavors: Mixed
  • Tablets per serving: 12
  • Bottle weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 5 x 2.75 inches


  • There is no need for water with these tablets
  • It has a high shelf life
  • Kit has a compact size for easy storage


  • The quantity per serving may be less for some people

The most simple and concise food item for emergencies.


Survival Ind Mainstay Emergency Drinking Water

Water is the most priceless entity of our lives. That’s why it is essential to have enough water in your survival kit. To get there, you can consider buying this Survival Ind Mainstay Emergency Drinking Water. The overall case includes 60 packets that are each of 4.224 oz (125 ml).

There are many characteristics of these water packets that make them fit for usage for a longer time. One of those crucial aspects is that they can be easily stored in the temperature range of -40 to 99 degrees Celsius! You can also store them for as long as five years.


  • Number of packs: 60
  • Volume per pack: 4.224 oz
  • Shelf time: 5 years
  • Safe temperature range: -40 to 99°C


  • Zero chance of bacterial contamination
  • They have a high storage life
  • They can last up to 30 days for one person


  • Taste may change after freezing the packets


CLIF BAR Energy Bars

How about some instant energy while stuck somewhere away from home? Let’s hope you don’t get stuck anywhere, but you should still be prepared for that. Take a look at these energy bars from CLIF BARS. These CLIF energy bars are made from organic plant-based ingredients like rolled oats that nourish your body.

In addition to this, the whole package consists of 16 energy bars. These energy bars are two each of various flavors like Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Brownie, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Blueberry Crisp, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, and more. These bars also have an awesome blend of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins that satisfy your hunger for a longer time.


  • Number of flavors: 8
  • Protein per bar: 9-11 grams
  • Non-GMO: Yes
  • Number of bars per pack: 16
  • Weight per bar: 2.4 ounces


  • There are many flavors to choose from
  • The bars are free from high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors
  • Instant energy on the go.


  • The CLIF BARS are not gluten-free

These energy bars are ideal for those who require instant energy for a workout.


Augason Farms Lunch & Dinner Emergency Food Supply

The Augason Farms Lunch & Dinner Emergency Food Supply is the best thing for you to keep in case of emergency. It has some of the best dishes that you can cook on the spot with the help of just water. The package contains a total of 16 food pouches with 11 food varieties.

If we consider the calories of the package, it has over 21,000 calories. You can store this pack for as long as 20 years. Some of the varieties of this package are Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice, Macaroni and Cheese, Creamy Potato Soup, and many more.


  • Package Weight: 5.27 kg
  • Shelf time: 20 years
  • Total number of servings: 92
  • Total number of pouches: 16
  • Package type: Bucket


  • You only need to mix water to make the food
  • You get a bunch of choices of food
  • It can be stored for more time without damage


  • The weight and size of the package is a bit bulky
  • Lack of meat in the package

The Augason Farms Lunch & Dinner Emergency Food Supply is best for those with families.


Wise Company ReadyWise, Emergency Food Supply

The last in our list is also a bit different from the others. The Wise Company ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply is a food package that includes only dried fruits. The best thing about this package is that it has a high shelf life. You don’t need any special arrangements for eating – just add water, wait for 15 minutes, and you are good to go.

On top of everything else, this food package contains enough servings for your family during an emergency. All the food pouches in the package are individually packed so that they can be used if you are going on a trip. The on-the-go food bucket is best for your family.


  • Total servings: 120
  • Shelf life: 20 years
  • Types of fruits: Bananas, Peaches, Strawberries, and Apples
  • Total number of pouches: 15
  • Ready to eat: Yes


  • The only thing you need to make this fruit edible is water
  • They are packaged in separate pouches that make them good for taking on trips
  • It can be prepared in under 15 minutes


  • The pouches of food cannot be reused, so you need to have all of it at one time
  • There are not enough choices for fruits

The product is ideal for fruit lovers.


Buyer’s Guide for Choosing the Best Canned Food

Now, you have gone through the choices for some of the best canned food for survival. There might be some questions in your mind that you need answers to. On the other hand, you may even have decided to buy one of these.

Either way, you should know some of the major factors that need to be considered when buying canned food. Here they are.

Nutritional Value

How about survival food that has an awesome blend of all the essential nutrients? It would be good, right? So, it is important for you to choose one that has all the important nutrients required for the body. Whenever you buy canned food, make sure that it has proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and essential minerals in the right quantity. Choosing the wrong one can lead to compromising your health when you need it most.

Enough Quantity

Quantity is yet another factor that needs scrutiny when you are buying canned food for emergency situations. You know yourself and your family better than anyone, so it is important for you to note how much food will be enough for your family. Have a rough idea about the quantity of food your family will actually eat, and make sure that you have at least 30 days of food supplies for everyone.

Easy to Cook

This factor varies from situation to situation, but generally, you should make sure that the food you are storing for emergency purposes is easy to cook or ready to eat. If you are storing it for an emergency situation, make sure that it requires as few tools as possible. On the other hand, if you are going on a trip, then make sure that you have some basic tools with you. And try canned food that can be made without any tools. There are various products on the market that require only water, including dried fruits and soups.

Long Shelf Life

The longer the food can stay without spoiling, the better it will be for you. You never know when you might need your canned food items, so make sure that the canned food you buy has a high shelf life. Most of the canned food items meant for survival have a shelf life of 5-20 years.

Convenient Storage

One of the most crucial factors that needs special attention is the storage of canned food. Yes, it is possible to have a backup for any unfortunate situation, but you should have some space for that as well.

Imagine storing some food items that are taking up more than the required space of your home – it wouldn’t be good for you. So, while buying canned food for storing it for the future, make sure that it is compact in size and can be easily stored. The compact packing of the food also makes it fit for carrying on a trip.

Types of Food Items

Apart from all these factors, it is also essential to note which various food items are available in canned form. Some food items are not meant to be canned for a long time, like animal-based foods. On the other hand, there are some food items that can be canned and taste well after being uncanned. These include plant-based foods like baby corn, corn kernels, beetroot, tomatoes, baked beans, peaches, pears, and apricots. While choosing canned food, make sure that food items like vegetables don’t have added salt. Be sure about fruits being stored in natural juice rather than artificial syrup.


Lastly, whatever you buy will depend on your budget. That’s why it is important for you to decide on a budget before you go and buy the canned food for yourself. It would not be worth it if you end up buying the wrong canned food – either food that will not last long enough or food that may not have all the necessary ingredients.

Now, as all the important features and aspects related to canned food are discussed comprehensively so far. It would be easy for you to find the right canned food for yourself. The type of food and all other factors are clearly described above. All you need to do is analyze them closely while choosing the food.

There are also some good products listed in the article above. If any of them suits your requirements, you can go for those products too. Again, make sure that they are enough in volume for your family and can be kept in an edible form for a long time. I hope this guide helps you in the best possible way to choose canned products. Use them well and good luck!

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